Our Process

Our unique and steadfast workflow ensures that we always deliver on time - at a fixed price.
The clear structure makes it easier for you as a customer so that we can focus on quality and creativity together - from the first meeting to final delivery. It is our process that distinguishes us from other production companies in Stockholm.

1. Brief

The first step in the project is the brief. The purpose of this 90 minute workshop is to collect all the important information about your business.

The meeting is in a interview format and is held by our creative director.

2. Framework

We interpret the brief and set up a framework to pinpoint the message. The purpose is to set up a few basic guidelines that will govern the direction of the content.

This gives us a solid foundation to stand on and help achieve the goals set for the project.

3. Pre-production

Pre-production is an important foundation in all video productions.

At this stage, the first components are created. We write the script, determine the visual style and make suggestions for a voice-over. You will see stills from the upcoming movie to ensure we are on the right track.

4. Storyboard

The storyboard gives a clear overview of the entire project from start to finish. Sketches from each scene are displayed alongside text from the script and a description of the event.

It’s important not to get caught in detail or color choices, at this stage we focus primarily on what’s going on in the video.

5. Voice recording

It’s time for the Voiceover. Choosing voices can at times be difficult, but we help you find the right one that reflects your brand.

Both Adme and the client attend the voice recording and help guide the speaker in the right direction.

6. Production

Now – the real production is initiated. We create everything from characters, clouds and trees. Anything you can imagine.

With the voice recording in place, we can start animating and breathing life into the video. Music and sound effects are then added to further enhance the experience.

7. Delivery

Our entire process from brief to final delivery takes 6 weeks. In this last step, a fully animated video is delivered. Where and how you want to use the video is entirely up to you, but we’re happy to help you if assistance is required.

We have an expert digital strategist who also hosts a 45 minute workshop to guide you.

What our clients think

Adme to took care of everything. We just needed to fill in the brief and they just understood exactly what we wanted. The clear production process was very helpful, it allowed me to be able to focus on other important things.

Daniela Morales, MarknadsansvarigAurora Innovation

This is my second time working with Adme, and once again they delivered without a hitch. When I showed the video to my team they were incredibly impressed by how easily it explained our relatively complex product. They were also amazed by the turnaround time - just a few weeks from start to finish!

Vanessa Meyer, CMOLoop54

Working with Adme was a breeze. They are in full control over their process and worked in a structured manner but allowed for flexibility, without any unpleasant surprises. We’re very happy with the final product, and I have already recommended Adme to multiple colleagues.

Anna Drysén, MarknadschefTele2