Since 2011, Adme has helped companies worldwide by using animation as a powerful communications tool. We have learned that the combination of a clear structure and solution-oriented creativity is a winning recipe for a successful project, big and small.

Up to

30 Seconds

Reach your audience with a short messages in an engaging way. With eye catching animations you’ll be sure to capture the viewer’s attention.

This product is ideal for social media and limited budget projects.

40 000 SEK

ex VAT
Up to

1 Minute

In one minute your viewers get a complete but brief overview of your product or service. This format keeps the viewers engaged without compromising on the amount of content.

This product is ideal for overall presentation of your company or for information about specific products and services.

50 000 SEK

ex moms
Up to

2 Minutes

With a longer film you have the opportunity to reach your audience with a more nuanced message. In this format there is room to go into more detail, and highlight important information in a clear and concise way.

This product is great when you want to convey information about several parts of a company or  go into detail about a particular product or service.

70 000 SEK

ex VAT


Extra language

Translate your video to any additional language with a new voice recording.

12 000 SEK


Cut your video into a shorter format, perfect for quick information and social media.

8 000 SEK

Longer video

For messages longer than 2 minutes. Price below is per 30-sec interval.

12 000 SEK


Add subtitles to your video in all languages. The price is per language. Translation not included.

3 000 SEK


Change color, font and logo to fit a new brand.

12 000 SEK


Illustrations that can be used in other channels such as your website or product catalogues.

8 000 SEK


When you order more videos at the same time, you get a bargain.

The discount applies when the movies contain the same voice-over and graphic style.

Recurring customers who want to build on the same style from previous films receive a further discount.

1 film

New costumer

2 filmer

New costumer

3 filmer

New costumer

4 filmer+

New costumer

What’s your voice?

Adme is a proud partner with Onlinevoices and their voice actors. Our products include a basic range of 20 voices in Swedish and English.

For more variety and an additional cost of 5,000 SEK, you will have access to their entire library, which includes over 3000 voices from 200 languages and dialects.

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